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Innovative Biopharmaceutical Compound Synthesis

Heparinex, L.L.C. is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the novel recombinant synthesis of compounds for (1) the growing anticoagulation market and associated markets and (2) the dermal filler market. Leading carbohydrate chemist/glycobiologist Dr. Paul DeAngelis originally discovered and patented Heparinex’s core technology platforms of proprietary carbohydrate production.

The company’s core platforms employ:

A. Bacterial production techniques
B. In vitro defined polymer syntheses to provide uniquely controlled
    non-animal sources of heparinoid compounds for dermal filler,
    tissue engineering and medical device applications

Commercial Applications in Multiple High-Yield Industries

Heparinex’s proprietary carbohydrate production platform technologies provide applications for multiple high-yield industries including:

Dermal filler
Bulk manufacturing/fermentation processes
Medical device coatings
Reconstructive surgery
Novel autoimmune/infectious disease/cancer drug discovery
Heparosan-Based System Technology for licensing in the drug
  Conjugation (Visit Caisson Biotech, LLC to learn more)

Heparinex is actively pursuing collaborative partnerships in the specific areas of medical device coatings; novel autoimmune/infectious disease/cancer drug discovery; and dermal fillers.

Fact Sheet

To learn more about Heparinex, click here to download the company fact sheet.

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